A Cry For Justice

Here is the rest of my critique of the DTS panel discussion on divorce for domestic abuse. I hope you find it helpful. [You can find the earlier part of my critique here.] 

We are picking up the video at the 16:14 mark.

Darrell Bock: Okay, well we’re now to the last section of the video and so now we’re going to turn our attention to watching see how this wraps up.

[The panel watch another video segment showing a survivor whose church told her she couldn’t get a divorce and that no believer should go to court against another believer.]

Darrell Bock:  Well that obviously puts another issue on the table and that is, not only do we have a problem with divorce, but now we got a problem: we gotta go to court to get a divorce, so that’s two strikes against the person pursuing potentially a…

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