A Cry For Justice

“Is My Abuser A Christian?” If you read Jeff C’s book, he gives you a pretty straightforward answer: “No”. He makes the case that an unrepentant, habitual abuser is not a Christian. His reasoning is that abusive behavior is not consistent with a regenerate heart- we are called into a new kind of life and the old has passed away. While all believers sin, the sin we are talking about (a sense of entitlement and a complete lack of empathy) simply is not characteristic of a real Christian. This is not to say that a Christian may not take an abusive action, but ultimately he or she will not fall into a habitual, unrepentant pattern of abuse.

I’m not writing this to answer that question, though- I will leave that to Jeff, who is a great teacher of scripture. I’m writing this as someone who struggles and wonders why that…

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