A Cry For Justice

A great thought in a miserable job

Have you ever had a really good thought hit you while you were doing something totally unrelated?  Here I was today, digging out this water line so I could insert a “T” fitting and make a new water faucet for the hose.  All went well until I tried to fit the cut pipe back together.  I had to do a lot more digging before it worked.

Anyway, in the middle of all of this, my mind wandered where it so often does these days – the unjust treatment of abuse victims in our churches.  I had a kind of “eureka” moment just before the pipe slid back together.  Here it is.  As usual with these kinds of things, it really is just common sense.

Jesus addressed abusers.  When He gave His instruction about divorce, he was talking to (or about) men who treacherously…

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