A Cry For Justice

The following is taken in part from our new book, A Cry for Justice  [*affiliate link].  Please read carefully and you will learn that domestic violence and abuse are far, far more than “wife battering,” or some difficult guy who gets drunk on Saturday nights.  This evil is much more devilishly sophisticated than that:

In all of its forms, what are the fundamental elements present?  Let’s define it.  Please understand that abusers may be men or women, but for reasons of simplicity and because more commonly it is the man who is the abuser, we will use “he/him” to refer to the abuser. I have, in fact, known numerous abusers who were women.  But the fact remains, the majority are men.

Abuse is fundamentally a mentality of entitlement and superiority which uses many different tactics to obtain and enforce the power and control the abuser deems himself entitled…

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